Know your Supporter

A small team - committed to innovative work​

Nasir Uddin Wasim

Co-Founder & CEO

Ahnaf Nasim


Mazarul Islam Himel

Project Manager

Ali Hasan Titu

Tech Lead

Sheikh Rubel

Printing Head

Rakib Uddin

Digital Marketing Head

Alamgir Mollic

Print Design Head

Nadim Mahmud

Robotics Engineering Head

Primary step of our work

Discovery & Plan

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Ideation & Model

Involves brainstorming, thinking creatively, and exploring different possibilities, novel and innovative solutions, Including physical models, Mathematical models, Design Models and computer simulations.

Idea Validation & Testing

Define target customer, Their needs, Pain point, Develop a value proposition, Conduct market research, Usability, functionality, desirability Test, Refine and iterate, customer feedback, Validate idea.


Scope and purpose of the prototype, Develop concept and design, Select tools and materials, Build prototype, Test and evaluate prototype, Iterate and refine the prototype, Finalize the prototype


Once the design has been approved, the development team can begin coding the product or system. This is typically done in sprints, with each sprint delivering a working piece of the product or system.

MVP of a DP & Launch

Launching the MVP to a limited group of users can help to validate the product and identify areas for improvement, while collecting user feedback can help to inform future versions of the product.